3 Easy Tricks to Stay Safe in Your Bathroom

It is arguably one of the most routine parts of your day, but many people disregard the safety risks that your bathroom environment presents. According to the CDC, more than one in three persons over age 65 fall each year, often at home. Adorned with slippery floors and sharp corners, our bathrooms can be an unsuspecting culprit to many injuries and accessibility problems. Daily tasks like showering, taking a seat on the toilet and getting out of the bathtub not only risk painful falls but can also result in costly injuries. That is why the home medical equipment industry works to supply shoppers with ergonomic, reliable solutions for every bathroom safety concern.


At our Phoenix office, we speak with many walk-in customers that come in looking to add safety equipment to their bathroom after a loved one had unfortunately faced accessibility problems in their daily routine. While we always do our best to provide the best products for their needs, it is always our professional advice to invest in this equipment before an accident occurs. Our Phoenix location offers a wide variety of bathroom accessories that can immediately up your bathroom safety game. Curious about your options? Here is our quick list of bathroom safety equipment that you can get today with little to no install required!

Toilet Seat Riser

This assistive device allows those with disabilities to reach toilet seats at a much higher angle, reducing the risk of falling. They are also designed to help those using wheelchairs and other assistive mobility equipment, making it more accessible for them to safely use the restroom.

Grab Bar

This safety handle adheres to walls and bathroom surfaces, allowing users to gain balance and safety while entering and exit the shower or bathtub. Caregivers and family members can also benefit from a grab bar to help with leverage while helping patients. We carry a wide selection of grab bars, offering aesthetic options and strong suction grips. No installation required.

Shower Chair

Combat the slippery nature of the shower with this easy to use assistive chair. Waterproof and ranging in design, shower chairs are a great addition for anyone who finds excessive movement painful or difficult, especially while in bathing. These chairs are available in varying styles to fit all shower dimensions and personal needs.

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